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Thursday, 23 February 2012

New eyes on old streets

The joy of returning home after a year in Asia is this. I see things differently now.

Take the streets I've walked many hundreds of times before in Cambridge and London.

Here's Benet Street in Cambridge - outside the Eagle pub. Turn right at the end and you'll find King's College.

And below is Regent Street in London, just before dark, as the Marylebone bus goes by.

Since returning from my travels, I stop on these streets now. I enjoy taking them in. I like to look up and see what shapes the roofs form against the skyline and to spot signs and colours I've missed in all the years gone by. Perhaps someone might be looking down on the street from a top floor window?

My home streets have many more possibilities now. What events happen along the way? Are there hidden alleyways? Undiscovered shops or museums? A place for tea and cake with some of the local characters?

All these questions are fantastic for creative writing - seeing the familiar as undiscovered. The old as new.

What inspires you to write? Is it travel for you too? Or something completely different? I'd love to know.

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