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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bollywood comes to Blackheath - Katrina and Shahrukh on set in London

"Who's your favourite Bollywood star?"

I was asked this question most days on my travels in India, a country I came to love more than any other I've visited.

And two names I heard many times were Katrina Kaif and Shahrukh Khan.

"I love Shahrukh!" people said. "And I really love Katrina!"

So the irony of returning from my travels and bumping into Katrina and Shahrukh in my local park in South East London has tickled me. They were filming for Yash Chopra's latest movie in Blackheath, outside the famous All Saints Parish Church.

Here's Shahrukh Khan, making his way through a scrum of fans waiting for a photo and an autograph next to Blackheath church in South East London.

The film crew covered All Saints Church in powder-white fake snow for the scene they were filming on 28th February.

Here are two of London Metropolitan Police's most entertaining officers - who kept the crowd of fans entertained whilst the filming was going on nearby.

For the scene, Katrina and Shahrukh walked together outside Blackheath's famous church on the heath, snow machines pouring out snowflakes like they were inside a Christmas snow globe.

Security on set were very keen to protect Katrina from photos - but here she is relaxing off set with Shahrukh in their makeshift dressing room on Blackheath. Katrina and Shahrukh looked very comfortable in each other's company, working on the latest Yash Chopra movie. It's sure to be another huge success!

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